Brandi and Corey

Brandi and Corey
Jun 15, 2018 Tai Nunez
Brandi and Corey had their ceremony at the First Baptist Church downtown. Their beautiful reception was at the Doubletree Hotel, and it was filled with some exciting moments from the FAMU cheerleaders and the band! At their downtown¬†engagement session, I got to meet their sweet son and watch them as they interacted as a beautiful family. You can check out their engagement session by clicking here. It was beautiful to see them become a family in God’s house as they vowed to love one another for the rest of their lives. Even with some challenges on the wedding day, the grace that Brandi displayed and the patience that Corey showed were clear examples of how they will be able to handle anything together. I’m so grateful that they allowed me to be present and create wonderful photographs for them! Congratulations Brandi and Corey!

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