Corban and Cullen

Corban and Cullen
Apr 05, 2018 Tai Nunez
When Corban and I first met at my studio, I knew we were on the fast track to becoming gal pals. At the engagement session, I got to meet her beau, Cullen, who is such a great guy! Together, they’re this dynamic duo where one lovingly pokes fun at the other! They are so charming, down to Earth, and perfect for one another! You really can’t help but love them! We had a great time at the engagement session at The Southwood House and downtown. There was a lot of laughter! I’m so looking forward to joining them at the most important day of their lives. Congratulations Corban and Cullen!

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  1. […] and saw them interact as a couple during their engagement session. You can see the photos from Corban and Cullen’s engagement session here. I knew they were a fun-loving couple and I was so grateful that they gave me the privilege of […]

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