Ashleigh & Jeff

Ashleigh & Jeff
May 25, 2016 Tai Nunez
I’m so incredibly happy that Ashleigh and I were able to link up because their romance is such a fairy tale. You know the one where you meet someone and instantly fall in love? The one where you stay up all night talking without even realizing you’ve been up all night talking, and then you do a year’s worth of dating in a month because you’re so inseparable? That’s them. I’m not joking. It’s so beautiful. Their wedding day is going to be magical, and truly, October cannot come fast enough. Plus, a big bonus…they’re fun to be around and I love them!
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    Couple in love
  • Tallahassee Wedding Photographer
    Tallahassee engagement session
  • Tallahassee-engagement-session
    bride and groom at their engagement session downtown

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